Sunday, June 9, 2013

Knitting Now: Bajada (in Maya by Berocco)

I'm about halfway through Bajada and it's lovely.  Technically, it was a Knit-a-long through Kid Ewe Knot in Bridgeville, PA, but really, I'm knitting along with my mother, who purchased two sets of the required yarn in different colors.  She is a little farther than I am, working with the Norte colorway (sort of a storm cloud blue).  My colorway is Cielo, which is more of an ice-blue.

I hereby solemnly swear not to indulge in casting on anything else until this knit is complete.

Unabashed and Overly Stashed (OK, maybe a little abashed...)

I used to laugh at the idea of knitters who admit to acquiring a SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy). Then I looked around my house.  There is a three-tiered basket full of yarn in the dining room, God bless my husband.  Under my bed is a box loaded with needles and yarn.  My clothes closet houses clothes and yarn and the occasional FO.  I see now that I either need to knit with all these beautiful skeins or admit that I'm really just a yarn hoarder.

I do love to knit, but there's not a lot of time in my life for it, plus my toddler appears to be part cat, drawn inexorably and tenaciously to yarn with the sole intention of making the biggest rat's nest he can out of it.  However, I've decided that actively and mindfully knitting down my stash is an appropriately productive project that accomplishes several things.  

1)  The yarn I've bought will actually be transformed into beautiful, useful things, probably mostly hats, because I'm also cheap and have a preponderance of single skeins.

2)  Space in our house will be freed up for other things - maybe even left as empty space.

3)  It furthers my drive to declutter my own things and fight my hoarder tendencies, which is no flip comment.  I've seen too much real hoarding in people I share genetics with to dismiss the possibility that I could inch down that path.